In the realm of Alt-Indie Pop, Oriana Nash stands out as a remarkable new talent.  

A singer, songwriter and performer originally hailing from the arts and culture hotbed of Miami, Florida, Oriana recently relocated to the vibrant Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York.  

Oriana Nash first realised the power of story-telling through music when in 2nd Grade she saw a performance of Phantom Of The Opera. The eeriness of the musical and the feeling of being a little bit scared thrilled her and dug deep into this 7 year old’s psyche.   She embraced fear as a positive emotion and the experience led to childhood dreams of being on Broadway.  However, at 14, she started making music with a rapper friend at school and it was then that Oriana realised that she wanted to connect with people using her own songs.

Oriana’s gift for songcraft comes naturally to her.  Her melodic compositions are marked by infectious hooks and lyrical depth that goes beyond her 19 years.  With a musical flexibility that transcends genres and styles, she seamlessly weaves pop, rock and indie-pop elements into her distinctive sound.  It’s this sense of uniqueness and artistic expression that sets Oriana apart in the indie pop genre.

Oriana’s own musical heroes are diverse – Billie, Miley, Demi, Lana and early Gaga are obvious icons of her time, but she also loves Queen and The Beatles, Amy Winehouse and rappers like Young M.A, A$AP Rocky and M.I.A.   Oriana has attracted a dedicated following through her fearless exploration of themes like love, sorrow, and self-discovery.  The writing process she says, is like therapy for her.  Inspired by personal challenges, she feels that putting an experience into a song purges whatever situation she’s going through.  Emotionally charged lyrics and a willingness to be vulnerable have formed authentic, deeply personal connections with her community.  Her live shows continue to captivate audiences invited into her artistic universe, with compelling performances infused with contagious enthusiasm. 

In 2022 Oriana independently released her first 3 singles ‘More Than We Were’‘Trippin On Daydreams’ and ‘Keep It Going’.  All three tracks exemplify her knack for crafting catchy pop melodies and contemplative indie pop whilst showcasing her musical diversity.     ‘More Than We Were’ was subsequently remixed by legendary DJ and dance producer Steve Brian who combined his energizing beats with her soulful voice, adding another dimension to Oriana’s pop credentials.  

With her distinctive sound and lyrical depth, Oriana Nash is an emerging artist to watch closely as she forges ahead, captivating audiences worldwide. Oriana is working on her debut album due for release in 2024.

Oriana Nash